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Student-Made Products

Cal Poly's Learn by Doing tradition means that the university's College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences produces a variety of student-grown and student-made food, flowers, plants and more that are for sale throughout the year to both the campus community and the general public.
Some are produced as part of hands-on lessons in college classes. Others are 'Enterprise Projects,' in which the university provides money or resources, students provide labor in design, production, packaging and marketing under the supervision of faculty. Net proceeds from Enterprise Projects go to pay the students involved and can be re-invested in the project.

wineCal Poly Wine

Cal Poly wines, and the vineyards they came from, have had a long-standing tradition of producing quality wine. Starting with the 2006 vintage, Cal Poly established a new relationship with Orcutt Road Cellars. Its nearby location allows student winemakers to maintain close ties with the wines during the entire process – from vineyard to bottle. Since 1901 Cal Poly has been committed to educational excellence and a Learn by Doing philosophy. We are proud to present this premier wine, representing a collaborative effort by viticulture, enology, and wine business students in the Cal Poly Wine and Viticulture major.
To order, please visit
Visit the Wine & Viticulture Degree Program Web site

Organic Farm ImageCal Poly Organic Farm

David Headrick, Faculty Advisor
(805) 756-5382 

Organic Farm
Organic Farm Office (805) 756-6139;

The Cal Poly Organic Farm is an 11-acre production unit that is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). Student-grown organic vegetables and seasonal fruits are sold at our on-campus Farm Stand, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2 pm – 6 pm, and at area Farmers Markets. Seasonal U-Pick crops are available year-round. For more information, visit

chocolatesCal Poly Chocolates

Tom Neuhaus, Faculty Advisor 
(805) 756-2240

Cal Poly Chocolates is a student Enterprise Project, supervised by faculty advisor and Food Science and Nutrition Professor Tom Neuhaus. Students develop, create, package and market chocolate products using fair trade chocolate. Since its creation in 2000, Cal Poly Chocolates has grown to have $40,000 in chocolate sales annually. Chocolates are sold in Central Coast markets, on campus at Campus Market, and by special order. All Cal Poly chocolates are now certified as Fair Trade chocolate.

To order Cal Poly Chocolates, please visit the El Corral Bookstore

jamCal Poly Jam, Cal Poly BBQ Sauce

Tom Neuhaus, Faculty Advisor 
(805) 756-2240

Professor Neuhaus also oversees enterprise projects of Cal Poly Jam and Cal Poly BBQ Sauce; both are sold at Campus Market when available.


Medium Cheddar Cheese PhotoCal Poly Cheese

Nana Farkye, Faculty Advisor
(805) 756-6100
Orders: (805) 756-6735
Questions: (805) 756-6644

Cal Poly Cheese Web Site

Cal Poly Cheese is a student Enterprise Project, operating in Cal Poly’s historic Creamery. Students are supervised by Dairy Science Professor Nana Farkye. Cal Poly Cheese Produces seven varieties of gourmet cheeses; they are available for ordering through the Cal Poly Cheese web site and at Campus Market.

Cal Poly EggsCal Poly Eggs

Poultry Center Office
(805) 756-7336

Cal Poly's egg production program is comprised of 14,000 chickens and more than 3.3 million eggs a year. Cal Poly Eggs are sold in grocery stores around the Central Coast, and in the Campus Market. Cal Poly Eggs is an Enterprise Project, giving students hands-on experience in egg production. Cal Poly egg sales have enabled the College of Agriculture's poultry program to be largely self-funded; profits from egg sales buy supplies and equipment and support students who gain work experience in the commercial egg industry.

Cal Poly honeyCal Poly Honey

Scott Jeffreys, Faculty Advisor 
Horticulture & Crop Science 
(805) 756-2224

Jars of fresh honey, produced fall and spring quarter from Cal Poly's campus bee hives. At Christmas, the enterprise project also makes and sells beeswax candles. Honey is available year-round at the Cal Poly Campus Market and at the Poly Plant Shop, and beeswax candles are available at both locations during the holiday season.

Cal Poly Students cutting hamsCal Poly Meats

Bob Delmore, Faculty Advisor Animal Science 
(805) 756-2254 

Cal Poly Meats offers fresh beef, pork and chicken cuts and also specialty meats and packages, including bacon, sausage, jerky, hot dogs, ribs, brisket, tri-tip, and fajitas. Students in beef, swine and poultry production and evaluation classes evaluate the meats and grade them according to U.S. Department of Agriculture standards, then cut, produce and package the meats as part of their classes. Their products are then sold to public. Cal Poly Meats is open to the public every Thursday and Friday from noon - 5 p.m. in the food processing building next to Campus Market on Via Carta, and also at Campus Market itself.

Grassfed Beef photoSwanton Pacific Ranch Natural Beef

Jon Beckett, Faculty Advisor
Animal Science
(805) 756-7011

Swanton Pacific Natural Beef Web site

The Swanton Pacific Ranch Natural Beef Project offers grass-fed and grain-fed natural beef for sale every spring, and grass-fed natural beef for sale in the fall. Cal Poly Swanton Natural Beef is minimally processed and never given growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics. Students participating in the project work throughout the year raising a herd of Black Angus-based cattle fed only grass and grains, pastured in rolling hills between the sea and the redwood forests on the university's Swanton Pacific Ranch in the mountains just north of Santa Cruz. The project gives students experience in ranch management and the cattle business as well as "hands-on" learning in ranching and agribusiness. To order Cal Poly Grass-Fed Beef, contact

herbsPoly Plant Shop

Call the Poly Plant Shop: (805) 756-1106 
Ellen Brack, Horticulture Unit Technician 
(805) 756-2995

Poly Plant Shop Web Site

Poly Plant Shop is a commercial nursery and florist and is open year-round to the general public. The plant shop holds special sales events for various plant and flower Enterprise Projects throughout the year, including the holiday Poinsettia project and spring projects including Tomato Mania, Easter Lily and hydrangea sales. Year-round offerings include potted plants, bedding plants, houseplants, cut flowers, and flower arrangements. Metered parking is available at the shop, which is located on Via Carta across from the Equine Unit. Take the Highland Drive entrance to campus all the way to Via Carta; turn left at stop sign.

Campus Market photoCampus Market

Operated by the Cal Poly Corporation 
Campus Market Web site

The Cal Poly Corporation operates all commercial food outlets on campus (as well as Cal Poly's El Corral book store). The Campus Market employs students and sells many campus-made or campus- grown products as well as brand name and locally-produced products. The Campus Market has Cal Poly chocolates, cheese, meats, produce, and more for sale, and is one of the best places for the general public to find Cal Poly-grown and -made items. Cal Poly cut flowers and container plants are also sold outside the market on Fridays. Metered parking is available in front of market on Via Carta. To get to the market, take Highland Drive to Via Carta stop sign; turn right at stop sign and look for large ‘Campus Market’ sign.

For more information about College of Agriculture Enterprise Projects, contact Associate Dean Mark Shelton, (805) 756-2161; Horticulture and Crop Science Department Head John Peterson at (805) 756 -1237; Food Science and Nutrition Department Head Gour Choudhury (805) 756-2660; or Animal Science Department Head Andrew Thulin at (805) 756- 2419.