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Supporting the College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences

Learn by Doing. It's more than our motto. It is the foundation of education in the Cal Poly College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences. It means motivated students working closely with experienced professors and professionals, actually doing in the laboratories and fields what they study in the classroom. It is hands-on experience in real production orchards and livestock yards and food laboratories, facilities replicating the action and environment that students will find when they join the workforce.

If there is a phrase our alumni most often use to describe their Learn by Doing experience at Cal Poly, it is intensely personal. Whether via a senior project, an enterprise project, or a club, team or laboratory activity, something demonstrably magic happened here. And, without question, that magic found root in their character as they went on to build, lead and transform businesses, families, associations, professions and communities. Our alumni can be found at work in Congress, state legislatures, judicial chambers, offices, fields, homes, halls of fame, community-based organizations and in the annals of history of nearly every walk of life or occupation. Something has served them well, and we think it is the Learn by Doing culture at Cal Poly.

If you wish to find a way to express your appreciation for Learn by Doing and to help us provide others with their own intensely personal experience, please consider making a gift to the program, project, club or activity that meant most to you.

How can my funds help?

  • Develop facilities and land assets
  • Enhance instructional technology
  • Extend and improve learning
  • Provide high-caliber faculty and staff
  • Support student internships, fellowships and enterprise projects

Where might my funds be used?

  • Swanton Pacific Ranch Education Center
  • Wine and Viticulture Innovation Center
  • Meat Processing Center
  • Food Processing pilot plant
  • Rodeo/polo arena
  • Classroom and Laboratory Enhancements